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Integrating research and analytics
into investment process
About Us
Rivermap is a Fintech company that provides financial institutions with investment technology solutions.
We help clients integrate research analytics into their investment process to enhance investment outcomes.
Rivermap specializes in:
  • quantitative investment research
  • machine learning algorithms and applications
  • investment analytical platform development
  • data infrastructure development
We are a Hong Kong Cyberport Incubatee.
About Us
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Our Vision
Our vision is to become a world-class investment technology company
Our Mission
Our mission is to help our clients integrate research and analytics into their investment process
Our Vision
Eddie Pong is the founder of Rivermap Quantitative Research.
Eddie has a proven track record in quantitative investment analytics and software development. Eddie started his career in London where he worked as an investment manager at Amundi Asset Management. He then moved to ING Investment Management to work in the engineered investment strategies group.  Prior to founding Rivermap Quantitative Research, Eddie was Head of Asia Pacific Research at FTSE Russell where he oversaw the research and analytics function in the Asia Pacific region.

Eddie graduated with a BBA in Accounting and Finance from the University of Hong Kong, and was then awarded an MSc in Finance and a PhD in Finance from Lancaster University, UK.

Our Services

We have proven track record in investment analytics and software development, and have both core technologies and customization capabilities. We have a thorough understanding and in depth knowledge of the needs of financial institutions in the Asia Pacific region.

Investment Strategy Research

We perform investment research for clients using investment science and data science. We build investment models for the equity, fixed income, index and multi-asset classes.

Data Infrastructure Development

We help our clients to develop data infrastructure tailored for their investment research and portfolio management needs. We help our clients build a connection between their data and investment and research processes.

Analytical Platform Development

We help our clients to develop portfolio analytics platforms to enhance their investment process. The analytical tools perform stock return forecasts, factor research, and performance attribution and risk analysis.

Risk Modelling

We develop advanced risk models to manage portfolio risks, using econometrics theories and machine-learning techniques to forecast risks. 

Machine Learning Research

To solve investment problems, we use advanced machine-learning techniques, including deep learning, neural network and decision trees. Areas include stock return forecasts, stock classifications and news analysis.

Our Service


Research Insights

Unit 38, L8, Core C, Cyberport 3, Hong Kong 

+852 3678 8439

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